Athletic Girl With a Bottle of WaterAnyone who has successfully done it can tell you that losing more than a few pounds is a tremendous accomplishment. It can be incredibly difficult to stick to workout and nutrition plans, and it can be downright demoralizing when you fail. On the bright side, though, it is emboldening when you succeed. As many people already know, the problem of sagging skin only adds to the stress. From hanging skin under the arms to a floppy midsection, flabby flesh can be an embarrassing and sometimes unavoidable problem.

Preventing it may NOT be an option.

There’s no getting around the fact that carrying excess weight can sometimes cause skin to stretch. After losing weight, especially rapidly, your skin may not have time to adjust to your new frame. Thus, it sags. The damage, however, is not irreparable. Our skin’s elasticity is remarkably durable. With time and the proper training regime, your skin could certainly firm up.

All hope is NOT lost.

If you are the bearer of hanging skin, you have a few options: 1. Undergo cosmetic procedures (surgical and noninvasive), 2. Wait for your skin to slowly firm, and 3. Start a training regimen focused on both cardio and strength training.

If you don’t want the risk, cost and possible pain associated with surgery and don’t have the patience to sit idly by, then the third option may be your best choice.

A key factor in reshaping your body is your ability to build and maintain lean muscle. The more lean muscle you can build, the less drooping you’ll probably have. As muscles grow and skin naturally tightens over time, the skin can return to its prior state. Weight resistance workouts and cardio can help increase muscle size and burn fat, both desirable outcomes, but it’s also important to maintain the newly-gotten muscle. So building muscle AND losing fat may prove unbearably difficult for many.

Fun Sculpting and liposuction
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