A man waking up in her bed fully rested and open the curtains inWhen things get busy, it seems like sleep is the first thing to go. But failing to prioritize your shut-eye could have far more consequences than you realize. Here are the top three reasons you should make sure to get enough rest.

1. Sleep can start the healing process

As you go about your day, you’re putting constant wear on your entire body. Your bones, your joints, even your skin are putting up a fight all day, and they deserve a break. While you sleep, your cells begin to regenerate, repair and recover from all that strain.

2. Sleep recharges your brain

You may think that feeling a little tired isn’t that big of a deal, but losing sleep can seriously impede your brain function. In fact, research shows that drowsy drivers can be as bad as intoxicated drivers! How are you supposed to rock a board room presentation or win at Saturday night trivia? And, most importantly, your friends and family members deserve to have you completely present, without the brain fog that comes along with tiredness.

3. Sleep helps with the formation of memories

If you find yourself constantly losing your keys or forgetting people’s names, it’s likely that lack of sleep is to blame. During deep sleep, all the information that you’ve collected and learned throughout the day gets stored in your long-term memory. That’s why experts suggest students should opt for an extra hour of sleep instead of an extra hour of studying for better test results.

Now that you know the scientific reasons we need sleep, let us help you get higher-quality rest. So, go ahead and get a great night’s rest. It’s not a guilty pleasure; rather it’s a necessity. You’ll awake feeling more rested, alert and ready to take on the day.

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