Green teapot and tea cupsBy now, you’ve probably heard that many health experts agree that the regular consumption of green tea is essential for maintaining optimum wellness. A variety of sources show that a diet that includes green tea can promote weight loss and healthy weight maintenance, prevention of heart disease, cholesterol management and protection from cancer and dementia.

But what can you do if you’re not fond of the taste of tea? Whether or not green tea suits your palate, you might want to consider finding a way to make teatime a part of your everyday lifestyle, either by drinking the tea or by taking supplements for the health benefits.

If you’ve tried drinking tea, but don’t like the taste, you still have options if you want to brew a good cup. Did you know there are multiple types of green tea?

It might be possible to find one with a flavor you enjoy. There are many varieties of green tea that can be easily found in most supermarkets.

Gyokuro, or “Jade Dew” green tea, is rich in flavor and low in astringency. Because this type of tea must be grown in the shade to produce the desired flavor profile and requires growers to carefully tend to the plant, this green tea is one of the most expensive varieties from Japan.

Sencha green tea is a broader category used to refer to loose leaf green teas that are infused with other tea types. You can find varieties that have a less assertive taste and can be used to cleanse the palate if enjoyed with a meal.

Bancha tea is made from more mature leaves. This green tea variety is low in caffeine while still being high in healthy antioxidants. Another option is Genmaicha, which is a mix of green tea and roasted rice that is very popular in Japan.

Because green tea contains antioxidants and may also have anti-bacterial properties, other health benefits may include tooth decay prevention. Some say tea consumption also wards off depression, reduces inflammation in the body and fights the early signs of aging.

But if you try multiple types of tea and still don’t enjoy the flavor, do you have to give up the health benefits? In a word: No. The benefits of green tea are still available if you take it in supplement form.

Taking supplements might be a good idea anyway. Some studies have shown that you might have to ingest the equivalent of up to ten cups a day to get the full health benefits of tea. So if you want to avoid having to use the bathroom all day long, but still want to get the benefits of tea, you can try taking a supplement.