Life-Changing Results

Kym – Lost 70 pounds!

Kym has truly been a joy to watch during her transformation. If you were to ask her coach, she would tell you Kym taught her something every week!
She shared her struggles openly and took ownership of finding solutions to obstacles.

Here’s what she had to say about her time with us:

“I came in because I saw a photo of myself and it was truly shocking to see how different I looked. When I stepped on the scale I was 100 lbs heavier than I had been 12 years prior. I was also experiencing physical issues like swollen feet, knee pain, and fatigue from having gained so much weight. I have tried to get my weight issues under control for over 10 years but instead of losing, I kept gaining and never really making any progress.

The Transformation Doctor’s program worked for me first and foremost because I was ready, I was out of excuses, I needed to follow a program to a T, trust the process, and get expert help. The coaching element helped me to evaluate my weekly behaviors, why I was able to stay on track successfully, and the factors that led me to not be able to follow the program or situations and feelings that led me to overeat. My coach Ally wasn’t judgmental. That helped me not to judge myself, but rather to observe and focus on behaviors and realize that I had a choice. I learned to think about ways I could cope with stress other than eating.

Balancing my hormones with BioTe also allowed me to maximize my weight loss and may be a large factor in helping me lose weight as well.

I’ve done lots of diets and a few programs. The thing I found most surprising was how much we focus on eating and our behaviors that are formed by so much more than food. Our behaviors are indicators of things we need to work to heal or learn new strategies or skills.

It was never “this is easy” it was always “this is hard and you are doing it, one day, one week at a time”.

What I liked most about The Transformation Doctor was feeling supported by all the staff and my coach Ally. She really helped me walk through this process and it really made a huge difference in me being successful this time.

I have met a lot of my personal health goals. I have more energy, am carrying significantly less fat around with me, and my body doesn’t hurt all the time. I have new health goals that involve having fun with exercise and movement now.

It’s exciting to be ready to try new things and to know I can do it. I achieved something very difficult, I dealt with underlying factors of why I would use food to numb, and I feel strong and able to make informed and aware choices. This journey has definitely left me empowered to go after challenges and know that I can achieve them, with focus and weekly action plans”. ❤️

Mani – Lost 47 pounds in 4 months!

Mani is an absolute rockstar! He lost a total of 47 pounds in 4 months!
Here’s what he had to say about his experience at The Transformation Doctor:

“You’ve probably heard people say, ‘This changed my life, that changed my life’. Being a skeptic to that, I never thought I would be one of those people.

But yes, The Transformation Doctor changed my life for good!

I have tried a handful of weight loss programs, exercise routines and pills. I can proudly say that The Transformation Doctor’s program is my last one. I started off close to 200 pounds and my goal was 150 pounds. Yes! I did it in 4 months!

Since this was medically supervised with blood work, I was very confident that my results were moving in the right direction. My cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure were all significantly improved. My primary doctor was in awe!

My sincere thanks to the team at The Transformation Doctor and to my personal coach, Daisy, for her counsel, support and motivation. In this process, I have gained a lot more than I bargained for, not just the fat loss. I learned a new lifestyle and I’m loving it!

It’s been 5 months since I reached my goal and I’m still able to keep my weight within a small range of fluctuations. I’ve now moved on to gaining muscle through weight training. I love it and I love my new body…I can finally say I’m comfortable in my own skin!”

Teri lost 18 lbs, 10 total inches and 3 jean sizes!

Teri has been such a pleasure to coach! She and her husband recently welcomed their first grandchild into the world, and Teri can now look forward to being the active and present grandmother she deserves to be!

Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“I came to The Transformation Doctor with the desire to lose the weight I had gained over the past five years and the desire to live a healthier life.

What made the program successful for me was the accountability. Knowing I was going to walk in the office every week and explain my behavior the week before made me think twice about my decisions.

I have done weight loss programs in the past, but most of them focused on exercise. This is the first program I’ve done that truly taught me how to eat, how the foods I choose to put in my body affect my health.

I loved the coaching sessions with Ally. She always offered great advice, helpful tips and encouragement. (especially on the weeks that weren’t so successful).

I am within 4 pounds of my goal but plan to keep going and possibly aim for 9 more pounds. My way of thinking has completely changed and how I think about food has transformed. I would say my health goals have been met!”

Tim & Rori- Lost 140 pounds combined

Michael- Lost 90 Pounds

Vanessa- Lost over 40 pounds

Paul- Lost 96 pounds

Debra- Lost 40 Pounds

Carla- 40 Pounds And Counting

Ronnie Aceto- Lost 63 Pounds

Sara Beth- 25 Pounds

Paul Hayden- 97 Pounds

Beth Reed – Lost 40 lbs

John W. White, MD

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