Healing herbs in hessian bags, mortar with chamomile and essentiWatching your weight? Even though you might not immediately think of them as weight-loss tools, herbs and spices might be your ticket to success.

“Reduced fat meals are notorious for tasting less appealing than their full fat counterparts, but new research has revealed a way to make them more appetizing for weight loss,” writes a Huffington Post UK blogger.

Here’s what we know: as part of a trial to test the efficacy of herbs and spices, University of Colorado researchers fed 150 people a mystery meal. Participants received either a regular-fat meal or a low-fat meal. The low-fat fare was seasoned with spices such as paprika, oregano and garlic.

Study participants then judged their meals using the Likert scale.

“Researchers found that the full-fat meal and the reduced-fat meal scored the same (an average of 7), while the reduced fat meal with no spices scored a lower mark,” writes HuffPo UK. “The key finding from this was that adding herbs and spices made all the difference.”

It wasn’t an across-the-board success for the spicier low-fat items though. The full-fat pasta did better than its lower-fat but more herb-alicious counterpart. But spiced-up veggies blew fattier, less spicy veggies out of the water. So, while herbs and spices may not be the single key that unlocks your journey to your ideal body, they certainly can’t help. And bonus tips if you grown them in your own backyard or windowsill garden!

What are you thoughts on the correlation between herbs, spices and weight loss? Is this a new idea to you or a no-brainer?

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