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Proven Weight Loss Tips

Proven Weight Loss Tips

With how many people are looking to lose weight these days, there are a lot of gimmicks out there made by those seeking to profit.  Many of those backing the gimmicks have little to no background in exercise science and most of the products they are selling have no evidence to support them.

While there are many scams, researchers have found a number of strategies that have been proven to be effective.  While they may not provide you with miracle weight loss like some products promise you, they will certainly help your routine when combined with proper diet and exercise:

Drink Plenty of Water, Particularly Prior to Eating

Drinking cold water can boost the metabolism by as much as 30% for up to 1.5 hours.  The colder the water, the better, so be sure to load it up with plenty of ice.  In addition, by drinking water prior to a meal, it will help you to consume less calories during your meals.

Drink Coffee

While there are a lot of stigmas surrounding coffee, the majority are myths.  Coffee has antioxidants, can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s, and has even been shown to improve cognitive performance in numerous studies.  There are a variety of benefits of coffee, one of the many being boosting the metabolism.

Research has shown that the caffeine in coffee can boost the metabolism by up to 11% and increase the calories burned from fat by up to 30%.  Just be sure to avoid adding sugar to your coffee by selecting sugar-free creamer or calorie-free sugar substitutes.

Lower Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is the absolute worst ingredient you can find in foods.  Since sugar is digested so quickly by the body, the majority of the calories consumed from sugars end up being stored as fat.  This is why there is such a strong correlation with sugar consumption (particularly high fructose corn syrup) and obesity.  To make matters worse, sugar is also associated with type two diabetes, heart disease, and various other health concerns.

Eat More Protein

Fat has nine calories per gram, carbohydrates have four calories per gram, and protein only has three calories per gram.  This means you can fill up more on protein and get less calories from what you consume.  In addition, since protein is the hardest to digest of the three, approximately 40% of the calories from the food is burnt off during the digestion process.  On top of that, since the protein takes longer to digest, it also keeps you full longer, which will help you consume less calories throughout your day.

Take Healthy Foods with You on the Go

By having healthy foods on hand, it can help keep you from making poor choices while on the go.  It can be easy to go to a drive through fast-food restaurant, but by having a cooler with some fresh fruit, vegetables, or other easy to eat foods that can be kept in a cooler, you can make better choices while out and about.

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* DISCLAIMER: Actual weight loss results will vary from person to person.

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